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A personal trainer can help you achieve your goals faster safer and with better results than exercising alone at home or at the gym. All workouts are customized for your specific needs taking into consideration present levels of fitness and health.


James Pearse Training

Hi I’m James, I offer 1-1 manual personal training sessions at The Gym Group Plymouth or my online training packages are available at a set price, which include exercise routines designed for you to work on either at your own gym or area you decide to train.

All online training packages are planned and thoroughly prepared for you to achieve best imaginable goals possible, they include, exercises, routines, advanced methods and many more areas to get the best from your training.

Full time support and guidance available if you are not sure on specific movements, rest periods weights to use etc.

Diet advice and nutrition plans are also available to purchase to really focus on your nutrition and life style as this is key to all of your fitness needs and requirements.

Take a look at all the different options to begin your training with me and I promise which ever one you choose to do wether it’s the online training package or 1-1 PT you will not be disappointed.

It is time to take your physique to the next level, with James Pearse Training!

Online training packages

Online workout and diet plans you can download instantly 



Dave Freeman

“I have been training with James for over a year now and I have to say it’s the best decision I have ever made. Not only does he ensure you get results but also makes it fun and challenging which keeps me motivated to do more. I would highly recommend him to anyone as you are guaranteed results and enjoyment whilst working on your fitness journey.”


Lillie Campbell

“I’ve always attended the gym at an early age. However, I felt from the workouts I was doing my body wasn’t changing at all. I started training with James two years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. I always feel comfortable training with him as his personality is so overwhelming, he makes you feel so motivated and determined to do your best. He has shown me brilliant workouts and improved my form massively that I can now go into the gym on a weekly basis and carry out my workouts without any guidance. I wouldn’t go to another personal trainer because James has really sculpted my body into something that I am incredibly happy and confident with. I always recommend him to my friends and family members because of how kind he is and his gym knowledge is incredible. Thank you to James for helping me find my love for the gym and guiding me in the right direction.”


Freya Morgan

“James has motivated me to realise my potential and push me further than I ever would have been able to before. I enjoy the range of different training methods he uses to ensure no session gets boring or feels the same. I always come away feeling like I’ve been worked hard and made the most of the session. I would recommend James to anybody with any type of goal.”



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